AIYS and Yemen at MESA (Denver Nov 17-20, 2012)

(Sunday, 11/18/12 11:00am)

P3172 Political Economy of the Arabian Peninsula, Part I
"The Political Economy of Corruption in Yemen," by Glenn E. Robinson 
"The Role of Law in Yemen," by Stephen Steinbeiser, Resident Director of AIYS in Sana'a

(Sunday, 11/18/12 2:00pm)

P2993 New Approaches to Non-Muslims and Law in Islamic Societies
"Inter-Communal Violence and the Shari‘ah in Twentieth-Century Yemen," by Mark Wagner 

(Sunday, 11/18/12 2:00pm)

P3025 Yemen after Saleh (Sponsored by the American Institute for Yemeni Studies)
"Fragmentation and Reintegration?: Yemen’s “Opposition” in the Wake of the Change Revolution by Stacey Philbrick Yadav
"Reactionary Responsible Friendship? Reflections on the Yemeni Revolution," by Kamilia Al-Eriani
"The Future of South Yemen: Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea," by A Susanne Dahlgren 
"The Huthis," by Abdullah Hamidaddin 
"Women, Religion, and Yemen's Arab Spring," by Sophia Pandya 
"Yemen's Post-Hydrocarbon Economy," by Charles P. Schmitz 

(Monday, 11/19/12 2:30pm)

P3020 1962-2012: A Half Century's Perspective on the Yemeni Civil War 
"The International History of the Yemeni Civil War, 1962-68," by Asher Orkaby
"The Siege of Sanaa and the Building Blocks of a Nation," by Gregory D. Johnsen
"Origins and Consequences of Egypt’s Decision to Intervene in the Yemeni Civil War," by Jesse Ferris

(Monday, 11/19/12 2:30pm)

P3031 The Chain of Islamic Charity: Contemporary Practices and Evolving Discourses
"How Political are Islamic Charities?: Debating Arab Charities in Comparative Perspective," by Benoit Challand 

(Tuesday, 11/20/12 1:30pm)

P2975 The Transformation of Political Islam
"Islamism, Democracy and Human Rights in the Arabian Peninsula: the Case of Yemen’s Islah Party," by Vincent Durac 

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