AIYS and Yemen at MESA (New Orleans Oct 10 -13, 2013)

(Thursday 10/10)

2:00pm Board Meeting (board members only) Salons (8th floor)


(Friday 10/11)

8:30am [P3595] 

Jon R Hoover, "Ibn al-Wazir's Conciliatory Critic of Ibn Taymiyya's Vision of Universal Salvation"

2:00pm Business Meeting (with special guest Susanne Dahlgren speaking about South Yemen)  Oakley (4th floor)

4:30pm [P3306] What Does State Fragility Mean in the Yemeni Case?

Kamilia Eriani, "The State Fragility Thesis and the Case of Yemen"

Larissa Alles, "Conditions for State Building in Yemen: But What's the State in Yemen Anyway?"

David Hollenberg, "Houthism and Houthaphobia in the Post-Saleh Yemeni State"

Charles Schmitz, "The Yemeni State in International Context"

4:30 [3500]

Ari Ariel, "YouTube Music Videos and the Construction of Yemeni Idenitity"


(Saturday 10/12)

8:30am [3267]

Najwa Adra, "Tribalism in Yemen: Social Capital Confronts Social Unrest" 

2:30pm [P3422] 

Marina de Regt, "From One War to Another? The Impact of Yemen's Political Crisis on Migrant Domestic Workers"

5:00pm [P3602] 

Nathan Christensen, "Between Aden and Dhofar: The Lasting Image of Revolution in South Arabia"

Iain, Walker, "Nostalgia For a Lost Homeland: The Hadramawt Independence Movement in Saudi Arabia"

(Sunday 10/13)

8:30am [P3242] 

Laurent Bonnefoy, "The Revolution and the Salafis in Yemen"

11:00am [P3287] Mamluks and Rasulids: Why They Should Both Matter to Historians

Arianna Dottone, "The Yemeni Manuscript Tradition in Context: Materials, Texts and Decorations in Rasulid Times"

Daniel Mahoney, "The Effects of Rasulid and the Mamluk Rule Over the Resistant Central Highlands of Yemen"

Roxani Margariti, "Enter the Rasulids: the Dahlakis and Their Powerful Neighbors in the Red Sea"

Daniel Martin Varisco, "Heirs of the Ayyubids: The Formation of the Rasulid State in Yemen"

1:30pm [P3603]

Stephen Steinbeiser (AIYS Country Director), "Protecting the Moveable (and Immoveable) Feast: A Survey of Legal Safeguards for Yemen's Cultural Heritage"

1:30pm [P3309] 

Mark Wagner, "Tarzan of Yemen: A Carnivalesque Counter-Narrative of Muslim-Jewish Relations"

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