AIYS and Yemen at MESA (Washington DC, Nov 21-24-2014)

(Saturday, November 22)

4:00 PM  AIYS Board Meeting (Board Members Only) Cleveland 2 - Mezzanine Level

7:00 PM AIYS Business Meeting, Tyler Room - Mezzanine Level


(Sunday, November 23)

11:00 AM [P3658]

Tribes in Yemen: The View from Within

Mohammed Sharafuddin, "Poetry and Tribalism in Yemen"

Adil Mujahid Al Sharjabi, "The future political role of Yemeni tribal sheikhs in light of the expected outcomes of the National Dialogue Conference"

Abdul Karim S. Alaug, "Tribalism in the Yemeni National Dialogue Conference"

Nadwa Aldawsari, "Tribal Dynamics and Political Processes in Yemen"


4:30 PM [P3698]

Yemen's Cultural Crisis: Catastrophe or Opportunity?

Mohammed Al-Duais, "Bridging the Generation Gap to Protect Nature in Yemen: Conservation of Nature through Culture"

Katherine Hennessey, "Cents and (Cultural) Sensibility: How Transnational Political Agendas Condition the Content of Contemporary Theater in Yemen"

Anne Regourd, "It Looks Good on Paper: Conserving Zabid's Manuscripts and Intellectual History"

Stephen Steinbeiser and Abdullah Al-Hadhrami, "Conserving Built Heritage and Landscapes in Yemen: Political and Cultural Considerations for Sustainability"


(Monday, November 24)


11:00 AM [P3654]


Making Yemen's Islamic History: Engineering, Monuments, Taxes and Stimulants 


Ingrid Hehmeyer, "Written versus archaeological evidence: The example of water and wastewater in medieval Zabid, Yemen"


Erik Hovden, "Ideal and pragmatic tax law in medieval Zaydi Yemen"


Daniel Mahoney, "A cultural heritage text from early medieval South Arabia"


Daniel Varisco, "Coffee and Qat in Yemen: The historical and literary evidence for their introduction"