Occasional Publications

In 1999 AIYS started a new program of sending out occasional small publications, as they are published, to paid-up individual and institutional members of AIYS. In 1999 paid-up members received The Journey to the Tomb of the Prophet Hud; in 2001 Tim Mackintosh-Smith's translation of Wasf San'a (City of Divine and Earthly Joys) was sent out. Members who were paid up for 2002 were sent the trilingual publication documenting the 17th century mosque complex in Dhuran (Dhamar governorate). In 2003 members received AIYS President Tom Stevenson's "Visions of Yemen: A Filmography," and in 2006 members received a copy of former AIYS Resident Director Marta Colburn's From the Queen of Sheba to the Republic of Yemen: K-12 Resource Guide and Classroom Ideas. These and other AIYS publications will be made available online in the future.

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