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New Book: Arabia Incognita

In 2011, millions of Yemenis calling themselves the Peaceful Youth joyfully joined the “Arab Spring.” Four years later, popular aspirations for social justice and a serious attempt at national dialogue were thwarted by deadly domestic power struggles. When the pro-Saudi, US-supported government fled to Riyadh in April 2015, the Kingdom led a multinational military intervention inside Yemen. By December, daily bombardment had killed thousands of fighters and civilians, injured and displaced hundreds of thousands, and decimated homes and infrastructure. A naval blockade cut off access to fuel, medicine, and food for millions. In addition to this humanitarian catastrophe, the ensuing chaos emboldened al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and led the group ISIS to expand there.

Perfect for understanding the political economy, geopolitics and social relations of the region.Prof. Laleh Khalili, University of London, SOAS

Arabia Incognita helps readers understand this tragic misadventure by tracing the Arabian Peninsula’s modern history from Yemen’s strong anti-imperial movement of the 1960s through the present series of conflicts. The majority of the essays focus on Yemen’s colorful and complex internal socio-political dynamics; others draw attention to parallel, often inter-connected disharmonies inside the Gulf’s petro-kingdoms; wider regional upheavals and movements; and America’s deep, vast and very problematic security involvement in the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Peninsula.


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مطعم كباب بالو


مطعم كباب بالو
بموقعه المعروف في الميدان في بداية الشارع المؤدي إلى مسجد حسين الأهدل، مطعم متخصص ببيع الكباب، أفتتحه الحاج بالو في عام 1864م.
جاء الحاج بالو، مع كثيرين من الهنود الوافدين، يحمل مشروعه الصغير إلى عدن، وكان قبل مجيئه بائعاً للكباب على الرصيف في أحد شوارع في الهند. وبعد وصوله إلى عدن فٓتِح محله للكباب بالقرب من مقهى «زكو»، الذي أصبح اشهر مطعم كباب في عدن، وتُحٓضٓر عجينة الكباب المميز في بيت صاحب المطعم وفقاً لوصفة خاصة لم يكتشف سرها حتى الآن.
توفى مؤسس المطعم منذ مدة طويلة إلا أن المطعم الذي يديره الأن أحفاده يشكل معلم من معالم كريتر ويحافظ على شهرته ومكانته لدى محبي الكباب من أهالي عدن وزوارها.
الصور من صفحة الصديق العزيز الصحفي حسن قاسم.

New article on southern Yemen

“Spaces in the Making:” Peripheralization and Spatial injustice in Southern Yemen

Anne-Linda Amira Augustin
META, Middle East Topics and Arguments, Vol. 5 (2015)
PDF available here.



By using the concept of peripheralization as defined by Fischer-Tahir and Naumann (2013), I examine how processes of change in economy, demography, political decision-making, and socio-cultural norms and values have marginalized southern Yemen after 1990, and especially after the war of 1994. I will argue that politically produced spatial injustice has strengthened the desire for southern Yemeni independence.


peripheralization; spatial injustice; Southern Movement; Southern Yemen

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Anne-Linda Amira Augustin is a research associate in Middle Eastern Studies and Sociology in the research network “Re-Configurations. History, Remembrance and Transformation Processes in the Middle East and North Africa” at the Center for Near and Middle Eastern Studies at Philipps-University Marburg. She holds a M.A. in Middle Eastern Studies, Russian and French. Her current research interests include independence and protest movements, unrecognized statehood, social space production and memory transmission.

الشاعر علي محمد لقمان


حروف مضيئة
الشاعر علي محمد لقمان في رثائه القمندان وعصره وكأنه يصف عصرنا هذا:
كوكب عز أن يلاقي المثيلا ضاق بالناس فاستطاب الأفولا
ويقول فيها
لا تلوموا فؤاد من بهر الأزمان إذ مزق البقاء الذليلا
ربما شاء غير ما زعم الناس من الخير فارتأى المستحيلا
ربما أبصر النعيم وريف ال ظل فأختار ما رَآه طليلا
طالما قام صاحب القلب فينا ودعا الناس فأستذموا الفضولا
آه مما يردد الناس عمن عاش يبغى إلى الإصلاح سبيلا
كل من همه صلاح البريا يجد الهم في العناء مهولا
إن من يجعل القلوب كبارا يجعل العبقري فينا رسولا
تتلوى السماء من جهل أهل الأر ض كالعلم إذ يصيب الجهولا
ما لنا نستريح في دنف الس قم ونلقى لهوله تعليلا
فشل حز في النفوس وعجز يرهب الناس إن أرادوا الجليلا

من فايسبوك دكتور محمد جرهوم

Safeguarding Yemen’s Cultural Heritage


Here is my personal blog post on MENA Tidningen regarding the UNESCO meeting I attended a few days ago in Paris.  AIYS was well represented at the meeting.  I gave an introductory talk on Yemen’s history and culture the first day, followed by presentations on Yemen’s intangible and movable cultural heritage by AIYS associate and anthropologist Najwa Adra, ethnomusicologists Jean Lambert and Scheherazade Hassan, Anne Regourd (University of Copenhagen), Leila Aliaquil (jewelry expert), Alessandra Avanzini (University of Pisa) and St. John Simpson (British Museum).  Speaking on Yemen’s archaeology were Iris Gerlach (DAI), Alexander Sedov (National Museum of Oriental Art, Russia), Sabina Antonini (Association Monumenta Orientalia), Michel Mouton (CEFAS), Zayd Zaydoon (AFSM) and Jean-François Breton.  Yemen’s architecture and built heritage were discussed by Renzo Ravagnan and Massimo Khairallah (Instituto Veneto del Restauro), Omar Abdulaziz Hallaj (GIZ), Marylene Barret (Conservator) and Cristina Iamandi (architect and urban planner).

The meeting was opened and closed by H.E. Ambassador Ahmed Sayyad, Ambassador of Yemen to UNESCO.  It was fortunate that Mohanad Ahmed Al Syani (Chairman of GOAMM) and Nagi Saleh (Chairman of GOPHCY) were able to make the arduous journey from war-torn Yemen to Paris and brief the delegates on the current damage to Yemen’s heritage and future needs for restoration.

Helen Lackner on Current Events


Helen Lackner has just published an informative article on the recent political events in Yemen.  It is published on Open Democracy.

Helen Lackner has worked in all parts of Yemen since the 1970s and lived there for close to 15 years.  She has written about the country’s political economy as well as social and economic issues.  She works as a freelance rural development consultant in Yemen and elsewhere and is currently also engaged in research on hydro politics in Yemen. Her latest book as editor:  – Why Yemen Matters, Saqi books 2014

Destroying Yemen’s Islamic Past

The shrine of Sufyan ibn Abdullah in al-Hawta

The madness goes on.  It is reported that 30 al-Qaeda gunmen on 30 motorcycles blew up the 800 year old shrine of the Sufi  scholar Sufyan ibn Abdullah.  Not only did they demolish this famous shrine but also destroyed graves and removed the bones of the dead.  Sacrilege knows no bounds.

The rubble that was the shrine.

جماعه مسلحة تهدم اهم معلم إسلامي بحوطة لحج عمره ثمان مائة سنة
عدن الحدث
٢٨ يناير

اقدمت عناصر مسلحة على هدم اهم معلم إسلامي بمدينة الحوطة بمحافظة لحج يضم ضريح ومسجد العالم الجليل سفيان بن عبدالله ونبش قبره الذي مضى عليه أكثر من 800 عام وتسوية القبة وملحقاتها بالأرض.

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