Recent sources on Yemen Conflict


For the recent AIYS panel at MESA, I put together a list of recent resources on the conflict in Yemen.  Here it is…

Recent Books:
• Brandt, Marieke (2017) Tribes and Politics in Yemen: A History of the Houthi Conflict. London: Hurst.
• Heinze, Marie-Christine (2018) Yemen and the Search for Stability: Power, Politics and Society after the Arab Spring. London: I. B. Tauris.
• Hill, Ginny (2017) Yemen Endures: Civil War, Saudi Adventurism and the Future of Arabia. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
• Lackner, Helen (2018) Yemen in Crisis: Autocracy, Neo-Liberalism and the Disintegration of a State. London: Saqi Books.
• Lackner, Helen and Daniel Martin Varisco (2017) Yemen and the Gulf States: The Making of a Crisis. Berlin: Gerlach.
• Robinson, Eric et al. (2017) What Factors Cause Individuals to Reject Violent Extremism in Yemen?  Santa Monica: Rand Corporation.

Recent Articles:
• Farrukh, Maher (October 30, 2017) Yemen Crisis Situation Report.
• Karasik, Theodore and Giorgio Cafiero (October 25, 2017) Yemen’s Humanitarian Disaster: Halting the Famine Threat. Middle East Institute:
• Kendall, Elisabeth (October, 2017) Iran’s Fingerprints in Yemen: Real or Imagined? Atlantic Council,
• Nasser, Afrah,  (September 21, 2017) The Unfolding UN Failure in the Yemen War. Atlantic Council, MENA Source:
• Salisbury, Peter, (December 15, 2017) Yemen’s Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar: Last Sanhan Standing:

Recent Videos:
• A look at Yemen’s malnourishment problem (Nov. 4, 2017) by Natasha Ghoneim. Al Jazeera:
• Elisabeth Kendall on Iran’s Presence in Yemen (Oct. 19, 2017), Atlantic Council:
• Yemen: Queues snake around Sana’a gas stations as crisis steepens amid blockade (Nov. 10, 2017) Ruptly TV:
• Yemen: The War Against Children (October 30, 2017). Watchlist on Children and Armed Conflict:
• Yemen Emergency Crisis Response Project (YECRP) (Oct. 21, 2017):
• Yemen’s cholera crisis (October 17, 2017) The Newsmakers:
• Yemen’s Civil War Has Unleashed A Deadly Cholera Outbreak (September 28, 2017). Journeyman Pictures:

• AIYS Facebook Page:
• Deep Root: (publishes a monthly digest on events in the Yemen crisis)
• Mapping the Yemen Conflict. European Council on Foreign Relations:
• Mwatana Organisation for Human Rights.
• UNFPA Response to the Yemen Crisis (October 2017): UNFPA:
• Salisbury, Peter (August-September, 2017) Yemen and the business of war. Chatham House:
• War in Yemen. Council on Foreign Relations:
• WHO Yemen Crisis. World Health Organization:
• Yemen: Amnesty International:
• Yemen: FAO:
• The Yemen Peace project:
• Yemen New Live: