General Conditions Governing AIYS Fellowships

Under the U.S. competition all fellowships to U.S.-based scholars using funds granted to AIYS by the Department of State's Bureau of Cultural and Educational Affairs may be awarded only to U.S. citizens. Other funds are severely limited and may not be available in any one program year.

Applicants for and holders of pre-doctoral fellowships must be students in good standing enrolled in an accredited graduate degree program.

The Fellowship Committee, consisting of scholars from AIYS member universities, will rank the applications according to the merit of both the project and the applicant, and on the appropriateness of both for the fellowship program. Applicants will be notified of the action taken on their applications.

AIYS does not advise fellows on tax questions relating to their stipends.

All fellowship funds should be appropriately expended within 21 months from the competition deadline under which the fellowship is funded. Fellowship projects must be carried out during the time indicated in the acceptance letter. Schedule changes require prior consent from the AIYS Executive Director.

Because award money may be insufficient to carry out a project completely, applicants contemplating research projects should be prepared to secure additional funding. However, if other fellowships are received for all or part of the time period of the project for which AIYS has made an award, AIYS must be notified immediately and reserves the right to adjust or cancel its award.

Yemeni law requires all foreign scholars who wish to carry out research in Yemen to obtain permission prior to entering the country. The fellowship award letter will confirm the appropriate procedure. The AIYS Resident Director in Sana'a will assist fellows requiring research permission to secure it. If a fellow does not obtain proper permission, the fellowship award will be void and any fellowship funds received must be returned to AIYS.

Eventual publications of research supported by fellowships administered by AIYS should acknowledge support of federal fellowship funds.

If fellowship funds from federal sources are specifically designated to cover air travel, fellows are required by law to use an American carrier on the trans-Atlantic portion of their flight. Failure to do so may result in the obligation to return the affected funds to the federal government. This means that in the case of U.S.-flag carriers that are partners with foreign airlines and have shared flight numbers, the travel documents must show the flight number of the U.S. carrier.

Fellows are required to carry medical and evacuation insurance (MedEvac) during their work in Yemen. This insurance may be part of the coverage provided by the fellows' home institutions; if this is not the case, it must be obtained separately. Grant funds may not be disbursed to fellows unless proof of insurance is in hand.

AIYS in awarding a fellowship to individual students and researchers acts only in a facilitating capacity between the original funding agency and the individual researcher. AIYS assumes no responsibility for the viability or success of the funded project or for the individual supported.

Fellows and other researchers planning a trip to Yemen should take into account how existing security considerations -- including State Department consular information sheets and travel warnings -- may affect their ability to do their work, and all fellows are strongly encouraged to consult the State Department announcements concerning travel in the Middle East before departure from the U.S. Other sources of information include British Foreign Office warnings; international on-line news-services and the index to articles provided by the Yemen Daily Times; the on-line edition of the weekly Yemen Times; and the website Yemen Gateway, which gives background information on ongoing stories. At the present time federal fellowship funds may NOT be used for travel to Yemen.  Prospective applicants may however apply for projects on Yemen to be carried out in other venues.

AIYS accepts no responsibility for decisions made by individual researchers, but the AIYS Resident Director in Sana'a will upon request provide current information for those planning a research trip.

All AIYS-affiliated researchers are required to register with the U.S. embassy immediately on arrival in Yemen. Should a security crisis arise, they should be guided by consular warnings. In the event a departure from Yemen before the completion of the funded research project becomes necessary, AIYS fellows should consult the contingency planning statement that was part of their acceptance packet for regulations concerning their fellowship award.At the present time federal fellowship funds may NOT be used for travel to Yemen. Prospective applicants may however apply for projects on Yemen to be carried out in other venues.

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