AIYS and Yemen at MESA 1996 (Providence R.I., Nov. 21-24, 1996)

1. AIYS meetings

General business meeting (Nov. 21)

Board meeting (Nov. 21)

2. AIYS-sponsored panels (3 maximum)

Islamic Law in Cultural Context: Case Studies from Yemen (Nov. 23)

Chair: Daniel Martin Varisco (Hofstra University)


  • "Does It Hold Water?: Islamic Law and Customary Practice in Yemen," Daniel Martin Varisco (Hofstra University)
  • "The Gift (al-hiba) in Zaidi Law and Muass' Gift," Nicholas Alexander (University of Pennsylvania)
  • "Hizb al-Haqq and the Doctrine of the Imamate," Bernard Haykel (University of Oxford)
  • "The Zaydi Ikhtiyarat: The Earliest 'Codifications' of Islamic Law?," Laila Al-Zwaini (Leiden University)

Discussants: Abdulla Maktar (AIYS/Sana'a) and Aron Zysow (University of Washington)

Reifying the Imagination: Reflections on How Yemenis Make Sense of the Present (Nov. 24)

Chair: Noha Sadek (American Institute for Yemeni Studies)


  • "Religious Education Among a Yemeni Sufi Order," David Buchman (AIYS)
  • "The 'Creation Myth' of Rimbaud's House in Aden, Yemen," Lucine Taminian (University of Michigan)
  • "Reviving a Ritual Through Memory in Coastal Hadramawt," Sylvaine Emmanuelle Camelin (Centre Français d'Études Yéménites)
  • "Cassette Poetry and Regionalization in Yafi', Yemen," W. Flagg Miller (University of Michigan)

3. Unsponsored panel on Yemen

Yemen in the New World Order (Nov. 22)

Chair: Michael C. Hudson (Georgetown University)


  • "The Socioeconomic Legacy of Migration: Yemen in the New World Order," Thomas B. Stevenson (Ohio University at Zanesville)
  • "Goals for Social Integration: Realities of Social Exclusion in the Republic of Yemen," Mouna Hashem)
  • "The Post-Unification Yemeni Parliament and Democratization in Comparative Perspective," Abdu Sharif (Sana'a University and Georgetown University)
  • "Legal Transformation of Yemen," Brinkley Messick (University of Michigan)
  • "Yemen and Regional Security," Mohammed A. Zabarah (Sana'a University)

Discussants: Robert Burrowes (University of Washington); Ahmad Al-Hassan (Data Concepts)

4. Papers on Yemen in other sections

Nov. 22

  • "From Mosque Pool to Onion Patch: Symbiosis in the Urban Landscape of Sana'a, Yemen," Ingrid Hehmeyer (Royal Ontario Museum) in the panel Space, Architecture, and Society
  • "Yemen: The Political Impact of Structural Adjustment," Sheila Carapico (University of Richmond) in the panel The Political Economy of the Arabian Peninsula

Nov. 23

  • "Islamic Women's Organizations in Yemen: Promoters of Women's Equality and Autonomy?," Janine Clark (University of New Hampshire) in the panel Gender in Political and Economic Change
  • "Invisible Survivors: Women, Diversity, and Transition in Yemen," Delores Walters (Colgate University), in the panel Gender in Political and Economic Change

Nov. 24

  • "The Role of Encyclopedic Texts in Abbasid Historiography," Kate Lang (University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire) in the panel Texts and Symbols of the Abbasid Era
  • "Final Transactions: Death Customs in Hadramawt (Yemen) in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century," Linda Boxberger (University of Texas at Austin), in the panel Ethnography and Islam

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