AIYS and Yemen at MESA 1997 (San Francisco CA, Nov. 22-24, 1997)

1. AIYS meetings

General business meeting (Nov. 22)

Board meeting (Nov. 22)

2. AIYS-sponsored panels (3 maximum)

Identity and Inclusion in United Yemen (Nov. 23)

Chairs: Robert D. Burrowes (University of Washington) and Thomas B. Stevenson (Ohio University, Zanesville)


  • "Political Identity and Inclusion in United Yemen," Amatalrauf Alsharki ([Raufa Hassan], Sana'a University)
  • "Inclusion and Opposition in Post-Civil War Yemen," Abdul Karim S. Alaug (Sana'a University)
  • "Football in United Yemen: Sport as Symbol of Identity and Inclusion," Thomas B. Stevenson (Ohio University, Zanesville)
  • "Electoral Politics and Inclusion in Yemen: 1995-97," Robert D. Burrowes (University of Washington)

Discussants: Mohammed al-Maytami (Yemen Center for Research and Studies; economics) and Samir al-Abdali (Yemen Center for Research and Studies; political science)

The Transformation of the Maritime World: The Indian Ocean c. 1700-1900 (Nov. 24)

Chair: Edward Alpers (UCLA)


  • "Mocha Java: The Rise and Fall of a Yemeni Port City," Nancy Um (UCLA)
  • "Rhetoric and Conflict in the Persian Gulf and Western Indian Ocean Region, c. 1700 and c. 1800," Patricia Risso (University of New Mexico)
  • "Trade and Technology in the Gulf 1880-1930: British Steamers and the Local Response," Brian Begy (University of Chicago)
  • "From Sail to Steam: Port and Maritime Labor in the Western Indian Ocean, 1800-1900," Janet Ewald (Duke University)

Discussant: Sarah D. Shields (University of North Carolina)

Yemen, Hadramawt, and the Wider World: Modes of Legitimation (Nov. 24)

Chair: Sumaiya A. Hamdani (George Mason University)


  • "Sensible Schismatics: The Sulayhid Dynasty and the Politics of Fatimid Legitimacy," Sumaiya A. Hamdani (George Mason University)
  • "The Yemeni Connections of Ottoman Egyptian Factions," Jane Hathaway (Ohio State University)
  • "Hadrami Sayyids in Southwestern India," Stephen F. Dale (Ohio State University)
  • "Sultans and Subjects: Rule and Reform in Early Twentieth-Century Hadramawt, Yemen," Linda Boxberger (University of Texas at Austin)

3. Unsponsored panel on Yemen

Transregional Scholarly Networks: The Hadhrami Case

Chair: Ulrike Freitag (SOAS)


  • "The Sada in History: An Essay in Hadrami Historiography," Alexander D. Knysh (University of Exeter)
  • "South Asian Arabs or How an Indian Became Hadhrami: Murtada al- Bilgrami al-Zabidi," Jamal Malik (Orientalisches Seminar, Bonn)
  • "The Religious Role of Hadhramaut in the 19th Century," Ulrike Freitag (SOAS)
  • "Hadramaut and Zanzibar," Anne Bang (University of Bergen, Norway)

Discussant: Linda Boxberger (University of Texas at Austin)

4. Papers on Yemen in other sections

Nov. 23

  • "Ibn al-Amir and Yemeni Islam," Kelly Dixon (University of California, Berkeley) in the panel Variations in Shiism, 10th-18th Centuries
  • "The Eritrea-Yemen Conflict: The Role of External Powers," Jeffrey A. Lefebvre (University of Connecticut) in the panel International Relations: Inside and Outside the Middle East
  • "Islamist Parties in Yemen and Jordan," Jillian Schwedler (New York University) in the panel Does Voting Matter?: Controlled Contestation and Opposition Strategies in Arab Elections

Nov. 24

  • "Do Mass Marriages Make a Difference Politically?: The Islah Charitable Society in Yemen," Janine Clark (University of New Hampshire) in the panel Rethinking the Role of Islamist Social Welfare Services
  • "Learning the Minaret Trade: Traditional Building Apprenticeship in Sana'a, Yemen," Trevor Marchand (SOAS, University of London) in the panel Art, Architecture, and Spectacle

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