Yemen Update Online

Yemen Update No. 51 (2009)

Complete edition


Lewis, Krista. Masna'at maryah in Context: Recent Archaeological Research in the Dhamar Province, 14-19

Schmitz, Charles.  Notes on the Yemenis in Guantanamo, 6-13

Saba, Matthew. Peotry in Practice: A Literary Majlis in Sana'a, 20-22

Book Reviews

Weir, Shelagh. A Tribal Order: Politics and Law in the Mountains of Yemen, 23-25, reviewed by Charles Schmitz

Ho, Engseng. The Graves of Tarim: Genealogy and Mobility acress the Indian Ocean, 26-28, reviewed by Charles Schmitz

Wedeen, Lisa. Peripheral Visions: Publics, Power, and Performance in Yemen, 29-32, reviewed by Charles Schmitz

Narrative Reports of Fellows