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Programs Overview

AIYS was established to foster research in and about Yemen to utilize American academic talent to strengthen Yemeni scholarship, and to promote US-Yemeni understanding.


The American Institute for Yemeni Studies currently conducts three annual competitions for fellowship programs that support in-country residence and research in Yemen. Two of these competitions, one for U.S. citizens and one for citizens of Yemen, are funded by the AIYS' ECA grant through the Council for American Overseas Research Centers. Both competitions have strict eligibility requirements that must be met before applications may be submitted. The Mellon Foundation's fellowship program for post-doctoral scholars in East European countries in which AIYS has participated since 2002 is now being phased out. Detailed information on all currently-funded programs is given in the fellowship section. Before inquiring about any fellowship program, please check there to make sure that you meet the requirements for the program in which you are interested. See "fellowships" in the website directory above.

Scholarly Research Support Program

Through a series of formal protocol agreements concluded with the Yemen Center for Studies and Research (YCSR) AIYS is the official intermediary between all U.S. researchers and research projects and agencies of the Yemeni government, regardless of who funds or sponsors that research. A full range of support services is offered to all U.S. researchers in Yemen. For further information about available services contact the AIYS offices in the U.S. or Yemen (see "Contact AIYS" in the links at left).

Expert Guide

A major goal of AIYS is to promote accurate and timely information about Yemen and its people.  Many of the scholars associated with AIYS have extensive knowledge of Yemen and are available for consulting, answering journalist inquiries or providing lectures and presentations. Journalists are welcome to contact the scholars below individually. Any organization or university interested in having one of our members speak should contact the scholar directly. See the "Expert Guide" in the website directory above.


Other Programs

AIYS' programs other programs are documentation programs (including publications of research on Yemen, translations of source materials, and cultural heritage initiatives) or outreach programs of various kinds, aimed both at experts and at a larger audience, in the U.S. as well as abroad. Many of these programs are described on this site. See "Projects" in the website directory above.

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