Recent and Forthcoming Publications

A complete list of AIYS publications appears elsewhere on this site. This page features monographs that are currently in press or have recently appeared.  In Yemen, books may be purchased directly from AIYS.

Translations of Western-Language Research on Yemen into Arabic
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6. Challenging the Familiar: Anthropological and Historical Studies of Yemen (edited by Lucine Taminian). Publication date December 2006. ISBN: 1-882557-14-X. $20.

Translations of Materials on Yemen into English
4. The Book of Sana'a (Kitab San'a), by Dr. 'Abd al-'Aziz al-Maqali (rev. Arabic version of the edition published in 2000 by Riad el-Rayyes Books; translated into English by Bob Holman and Samuel Liebhaber; introductions by S. Liebhaber, B. Holman, and Muhammad Abd al-Sallam Mansur; and annotations by Christopher Edens). 2004 (iii+317pp). ISBN: 1-882-557-12-3. $15.

5. An Introduction to Hijrahs and Other Refuges of Learning in Yemen, by al-Qadi Isma'il ibn 'Ali al-Akwa' (translated into English and introduced by Tim Mackintosh-Smith from the Arabic text of Hijar al-'ilm wa ma'aqiluh fi 'l-yaman published by Dar al-Fiqr (Damascus) in 1995. Forthcoming; also available as Yemen Update 49 (2007). (iv+62 pages). ISBN: 1-882557-15-8. $15.

Miscellaneous Research and Documentation Publications
Ma'alim al-zira'a fi-l-Yaman ("Agricultural Knowledge in Yemen"), by Yahya Al-Ansi. Sana'a: Published jointly by the American Institute for Yemeni Studies and the Centre Français d'Études Yéménites. Volume 1: 1998 (iii+589 pp.; distributed by the French Center); volume 2: 2003 (591pp; distributed for AIYS by MESA; $15). The traditional agricultural lore of Yemeni farmers is conserved in oral tradition through the poems of two mythical persons, Ali Wald Zayid and Humayd b. Mansur. Together the two volumes constitute the first study of this genre in the Arabic language.

The 'al-Hasan bin al-Qasim Mosque Complex: An Architectural and Historical Overview of a Seventeenth Century Mosque in Dhuran, Yemen, by Bruce Paluck and Rayya Saggar. Text in English and French with complete Arabic translation; published jointly by the American Institute for Yemeni Studies and the Centre Français d'Archéologie et de Sciences Sociales de Sanaa Sana'a: AIYS, 2002 (28 + 35 pp.). ISBN 1-882557-10-7. $20.

Social Issues in Popular Yemeni Culture, by Abd al-Rahman Mutahhar. Arabic text, plus translation into English edited and annotated by Janet C.E. Watson. Sana'a: Social Fund for Development, 2002. $18.

Visions of Yemen: A Filmography, by Thomas B. Stevenson. Ardmore: AIYS, 2003 (64 pp., illustr.). ISBN 1-882557-11-5. $20.

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