Travel within Yemen

Travel outside of the main cities can be difficult.  Researchers should pay close attention to the news and to local contacts for information on the security of travel between cities.  The U.S. embassy advises Americans in Yemen to observe security precautions in their daily routines and as they travel through Yemen. Travel permits are necessary for surface travel outside Sanaa and other major cities. AIYS members who are in Yemen or plan to travel there may request that the Resident Director put them on the distribution list for U.S. embassy warden notices.

Currently it is not advisable for American citizens to travel to Yemen.


Planning for a Trip to Yemen

AIYS members planning a trip to Yemen should take into account how existing security considerations -- including State Department consular information sheets and travel warnings -- may affect their ability to do their work, and all fellows are strongly encouraged to consult the State Department announcements concerning travel in the Middle East before departure from the U.S. Other sources of information include British Foreign Office warnings, international on-line news-services and the index to articles provided by the Yemen Daily Times, the on-line edition of the weekly Yemen Times and Yemen Observer, and the website Yemen Gateway, which gives background information on ongoing stories. And while AIYS accepts no responsibility for decisions made by individuals, the AIYS Resident Director in Sana'a will upon request provide current information for those planning a research trip to Yemen. AIYS fellows who plan to travel to Yemen are also reminded of the conditions of the contingency planning document distributed in the award package and also posted on this site. All AIYS fellows are required to register with the U.S. embassy upon arrival in Yemen; AIYS strongly recommends that all its members do so. Note that at present AIYS fellows funded from ECA/CAORC program grants may not travel to Yemen using fellowship funds until the State Department has lifted its ban on such travel.


Visa Regulations

Currently it is not advisable for American citizens to travel to Yemen due to the conflict.


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